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I Drank What?
The Game of Wine, Poison and Comedy.

It's the party of the yearan all your worstenemies have been invited. You brought along your favorite bottle of poison to help spice up the evening. Funny, so did everyone else. With all the witty banter and inept staff, your have lost track of which glasses of wine have been poisoned. The only thing certain is that someone is going to die, and the survivors will have a good laugh. It is all in good fun so long as you are the last one standing. So propose a toast, and drink as if there were no tomorrow, because your tomorrow may never come.

I Drank What is the fast and furious card game of poison toasts and split second treachery for four to ten players. It is a wine tasting to die for.

Product Code: IDW1000
Availability: Now Available
Players: 4-10
Play Time: 15-30 minutes
SRP: $20

It is the party of the year! And what fancy dinner party, even one wher ethe guests are dropping like flies due to some poisonous misadventures, is complete without a little cheese? To Brie or Not to Brie! is an eighteen card expansion fot I Drank What? The Game of Wine, Poison and Comedy that introduces Cheese cards to the mix. So grab a plate and take a slice, because a little bite of cheese might just save your life.

Product Code: IDW1001
Availability: Now Available
Players: 4-10
Play Time: 15-30 minutes
SRP: $5

Way of the Fist

Once a proud, industrial landmark in the northwestern United States, Piston City has become a haven for the criminal, the powerful, and the ambitious. Itís a den of scum and villainy, a place for strong to survive and the weak to be devoured by its maze of alleys and dimly lit streets. Itís a place for warriors.

Every 15 years, the lord of Piston City's underworld, an enigmatic shadow known only as the Midnight King, holds a tournament. The strongest fighters from around the world come to his city, to fight each other for the prize that all in the beleaguered metropolis dream of, the power of Midnight King himself. The tournament is called the Way of The Fist. For 30 years, no one has won it.

The city once again holds its breath, for damnation or deliverance, as a new tournament begins. Can the Midnight King be defeated? Will a hero emerge or will a new villain take his place? The fighters bring their own stories and their own motivations to the tournament.

What you will fight for, pride, power, revenge, or redemption? Itís an all-or-nothing fight for survival, for destiny, for honor.

Welcome to Piston City... Knuckle Up.

Product Code: WTF1000
Availability: Now Available
Players: 1-4
Play Time: 60 minutes
SRP: $25

The battle for Piston City heats up as more sould enter the battle for the crown of the Midnight King! Sucker Punch is a fice to siz player expansion for Way of the Fist.

More players, more techniques, more strikes and more fun! Add these cards to the Way of the Fist base set and let the punches, kicks and chi blasts fly.

Product Code: WTF1001
Availability: Now Available
Players: 5-6
Play Time: +30 minutes
SRP: $10