News from the Empire

Welcome Back Citizens!

Welcome to the Empire Games website! Our site has been down for a while but at long last it is back up and running. We're excited to be back online. We will be updating and improving the site over the coming months so check back frequently to see the changes.

While the site has been down, the Empire has been on the march. In January, we attended SCARAB in Columbia, SC where we held the 2nd Annual SCARAB I Drank What? Tournament. Winners of each round won an engraved hip flask. Each winner was invited back on Sunday afternoon for the Grand Championship round. The winner walked away with an engraved 64 ounce hip flask and admission to next year's SCARAB. In March, we attended Mace West where we showed off the final version of Way of the Fist, with completed artwork for the first time. In June we attended ConCarolinas where citizens were able to get their hands on Way of the Fist and I Drank What? 2nd Edition fo the first time. Also in June, we got our Steampunk on and attended ConTemporal.

Imperial Agents have just returned from the Escapist Expo in Durham, NC. We want to thank the staff and volunteers for treating us to a great time. At the Expo we debuted the Imperial Mark, Sucker Punch, the first expansion for Way of the Fist and a new printing of To Brie or Not To Brie. "What is the Imperial Mark", you might ask? They are special tokens that citizens can earn from the Empire at our officially sponsored events that provide in game benefits in every game currently published by Empire Games, as well as every future game be publish. There are four different Imperial Marks, the Imperial Mark of Honor, the Imperial Mark of Excellence, the Imperial Mark of Mastery and the Imperial Mark of Distinction. Each provides different benefits, of increasing power or utility, based on its rarity.

Upcoming Events: